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10 Questions To Ask A Wedding Planner

Ready to hire one of the core members of your wedding team? There are some very important questions to ask a wedding planner. This lady or gent will be the one helping you juggle all of your vendors and tasks, making them your right hand man for all wedding-related matters. Whether you're planning something small and intimate or a massive, extravagant affair, the right wedding planner can help you get it done RIGHT. Before you even start considering makeup artists and caterers, you will want to fill this position. However, if you're planning most of the wedding yourself, you may just want to hire a wedding planner for month-of or day-of coordination so that you can enjoy your wedding day (and the days leading up to it) without distraction.

Here are the key questions to ask a wedding planner:

  1. How many wedding have you planned?

This is one of the first questions to ask a wedding planner. More specifically, "how many weddings of my size and budget have you planned. You will also want to find out how long the wedding planner has been in the business, what types of weddings they've planned before and if they've gotten any certifications or degrees related to wedding planning. Ask to see their portfolio and get a few references for good measure.

2. How many clients do you take on per year and per month?

This question will help you get a feel for how busy your potential planner will be in the months leading up to your wedding. Some choose to only work with one client at a time while others are more than happy to juggle several. If you're planning something huge, you may want to find someone who will devote most of their time to your big day.

3. Who are your preferred vendors?

Pretty much every wedding planner is equipped with a list of preferred vendors- ones that they trust and have worked successfully alongside before. If they've got long standing relationships with certain bakers, caterers and venue owners they may even be able to get you a sweet deal.

4. What is your fee?

You will definitely want to talk dollars and cents before looking at any contracts, so get this question out of the way at the beginning of your meeting. Some planners charge a flat rate while others will bill you hourly. Review their packages to see if their rate fits your budget before getting into the nitty gritty details of your big day.

5. Do you work alone or with a team?

Depending on how big and extravagant you want your wedding to be, the planner may need to get some helping hands on board. If they are using assistants, you'll want to ask if you should be contacting them and how to react them.

6. Will you attend wedding-related events?

Unless you ask, your wedding planner (or a member of his or her team) will probably be a no-show at your wedding shower, rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch. Make sure to let them know which events you'd like them to attend at the get-go.

7. Can you help us stay on budget?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a wedding planner and should be answered with a firm and reassuring "yes". Make sure your wedding planner is money-savvy so that they can help you make your budget go the extra mile.

8. How do you communicate with your clients?

You will be in constant communication with your wedding planner in the months leading up to your big day- like, there's a good chance you'll be connecting with them more than your BFF- so you'll want to be clear on the best way to reach them. Ask if they prefer to be called, emailed and texted (r all of the above.)

9. What happens in case of an emergency?

The person spearheading your wedding should have a backup plan in order in case anything goes awry. If this isn't their first rodeo, they should be able to tell you about all the precautions they take and how they tackle possible plan B's.

10. Can I take a look at your contract?

The final question to ask a wedding planner, before committing to anything, is to see a copy of his or her standard contract. The document should explain all of their pre-wedding day services, wedding day services and other fees which may be added to the balance, like travel fees, parking and other expenses. If everything looks to be in order, get out that pen and sign on the dotted line.

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