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Luxury Wedding Cake 2023 Trends

One of the most important elements of your big day is your wedding cake! Not only does it need to look AMAZING, but it also has to taste delicious and match your wedding venue theme. There is a lot of pressure to get it right which can leave many brides feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a design and flavor for your wedding cake.

No need to worry though as we have put together this ultimate guide where you will find some of the best wedding cake design ideas, answer common FAQs, and give you all the tips and tricks you need to know to create the perfect wedding cake. So let's get crackin'!

Design ideas for your wedding cake

From completely traditional styles to more modern takes on cakes, there are so many options when it comes to creating the perfect wedding cake design. Just choose the one that reflects your true style as a couple- and enjoy every bite of it on your special day!

Traditional Tiered Cake

Tiered cake- such a classic and traditional option. There is nothing wrong with that. This type of cake typically has multiple tiers, each with its own unique design. The tiers can be decorated with different frostings, flowers, or other decorations to create a beautiful and elegant cake.

Simple and Elegant Cake

Decorated with fresh flowers or a few simple embellishments, a simple and elegant cake may be the perfect option for you. If you want a more dramatic look, you can go for an all-white cake or one with a monochromatic design.

Rustic and Country Cake

A rustic and country-themed wedding cake can be decorated with burlap, lace, or gingham. You can also add some rustic elements like Mason jars or wooden crates.

Vintage Cake

For a vintage-inspired wedding cake, you can decorate it with pearls, sequins, or even feathers. You can also use antique cake toppers or vintage linens.

Beachy Cake

Tying the knot down by the water, take inspiration from your surroundings. Decorate your cake with seashells, starfish, or coral. You can also use sand dollars or sea glass as accents.

Whimsical Cake

A whimsical cake can be decorated with colorful fondant, playful piping or fun toppers. Make it truly unique and have your cake custom-made to reflect your personality and style.

Traditional Cake

Typically decorated with white frosting and piped designs the traditional cake can be personalized with a monogram or your wedding colors.

Naked Cake

Hold the frosting- this type of cake is not frosted or only lightly frosted. We have seen increasing popularity with this type of cake as it provides a rustic and natural look. Naked cakes can be decorated with fruit, flowers, or other simple adornments.

Marble Cake

Made by swirling together two different colors of batter to create a marbled effect, marble cakes can be made with any combination of colors, but black and white marble cakes are particularly popular for weddings. Marble cakes can be either tiered or single-layer cakes.

Metallic Cake

Metallic cakes are also becoming increasingly popular for weddings as they provide an elegant and sophisticated look. These cakes can be made with either fondant or buttercream and can be adorned with edible gold leaf or other metallic decorations.

Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Cake

Choose a color scheme and stick to it: Decide on a color scheme for your wedding and use it as a guide for your cake decor. This will help create a cohesive look for your wedding.

Use fresh flowers: Fresh flowers are a classic and beautiful way to decorate a wedding cake. Choose flowers that match your wedding theme and colors.

Add texture with fondant or icing: Fondant or icing can be used to create texture on your cake, such as ruffles or quilted patterns.

Use ribbon or lace: Adding ribbon or lace to your cake can add an elegant touch. Choose a ribbon or lace that coordinates with your wedding colors.

Add personalized touches: Personalize your cake with monograms, initials, or a special message. This will make your cake even more special and unique.

Don't forget the cake topper: A cake topper is a traditional way to finish off a wedding cake. Choose a topper that reflects your personality or theme.

Consider the season: Choose decorations that are appropriate for the season in which your wedding is taking place. For example, autumnal leaves or pinecones for a fall wedding, or pastel flowers for a spring wedding.

Keep it simple: While it's fun to get creative with your cake decor, sometimes less is more. Don't feel like you have to go overboard with decorations. A simple, elegant cake can be just as beautiful.

So, what kind of cake are you envisioning for your wedding day? Whether you're looking for a classic design or something more unique, we hope this post has given you some ideas to get started. And don't forget- if you have any questions about wedding cakes or anything else wedding planning related, our team is here to help!

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