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First Steps to Creating Your Wedding Menu

A lot of hard work goes into planning your wedding. You will need to make many decisions and so many details will have to be addressed. To better ensure that your event is a success, it's important to be organized and have a clear vision for what you want your wedding day to look like. Having a clear vision for your party should come down to every last detail, including the food. Party planning can be made easier when you hire a caterer to help you with the decisions regarding food, as well as to supply you with the food for your event.

Whether you are hosting a small micro-wedding or an elaborate wedding at a country estate, catering services are one way to ensure tath the food at your party will be delicious and that the responsibility will be delegated to a professional. If you're looking for help with planning your wedding in Alabama, Events by Kathryn can help. If you're not sure where to start or how to make decisions regarding food for your event, we've got some helpful tips for you.

Pick the type of food you'd like to serve.

When planning your wedding, if you decide to hire a caterer, you may think that the first step is to find the caterer. However, choosing the food that you want from your caterer will be easier if you narrow down the style of food you'd like to serve first. Before you choose a caterer, pick the style of food that you'd like to serve, and then find caterers who offer the type of food you are looking for. Once you've nailed down the type of food you'd like, and you find a caterer who serves the type of food you're wanting, then you can begin to think about specific food selections.

Consider your guests.

When you're planning to feed a group of people, it's important to consider the type of food your guests will enjoy, and if anyone has any food restrictions that you're aware of. If your event is going to have limited seating, think about the types of food that guests can eat while standing. If your event is going to include a sit-down dinner, be sure to include multiple courses from appetizers and salads to entrees, and finish with a dessert.

Make the menu count.

When it finally comes time to select the menu for your event, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to really make the menu count for your guests. In order to make the majority of people happy, it's important to ensure that you choose options that will appeal to everyone. Here are a few tips to guarantee that there will be something for everyone to enjoy eating.

  • Include healthy options- with more and more people being conscious of their food and looking for healthier options when they're at social events, be sure to include options that will appeal to people who want to eat healthy. Fruit and veggie trays are a great place to start, but also ensure that you select options that include foods that will fill your guests up. Having a salad bar with the option to top the salad with a protein like chicken or steak will make your health-conscious guests feel cared for.

  • Include savory options- While some people may be watching what they eat, other people may feel that because they're at a party, they should be able to indulge a little. Be sure to offer options for guests who are looking for something a little heartier and filling such as mac and cheese, a mashed potato bar, or gumbo.

  • Include sweet options- Everyone enjoys ending (or even starting) their meal with sweet options. Offer a sweets table that includes different candies and treats to choose from or be sure to plan on serving a more formal dessert at the end of the meal.

Don't let the idea of choosing a caterer or food for your event add to your stress. Here at Events by Kathryn, we can arrange for you to meet with many different catering companies as well as help you through the process of picking out your catering menu.

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