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Did you just get engaged? Wondering what to do next? Advice from a Professional Wedding Planner

Did you just get engaged? Wondering what to do next...

Advice from a Professional Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator...

First, take a deep breath! This is such an exciting time. Before you hit the ground running on wedding planning take moment and bask in knowing that you found the one. You are engaged. You are a soon Miss to Mrs. That is certainly something to celebrate and enjoy.

After basking in your special moment, it will be time to think about your budget. Are you planning to cover the entire cost of the wedding OR do you think your families will want to contribute? If there are other people who want to contribute, I would have a conversation with them really early on asking them IF they plan on contributing and if so, how much. Be sure to have the "Budget Talk" early on so that you can be sure that everyone who may be involved are all on the same page. It's awkward but has to be done.

If your family would like to contribute be sure to ask them what they expect for your special day. They may have something completely different in mind and not knowing this know could cause issues later. Be sure to have this conversation with your fiancée well before beginning your wedding planning. They may have a completely different vision than what you have in mind. Knowing this ahead of time could save you some heartache.

Once you have a budget then you can start thinking about when you want to get married. This is important! Many venues and wedding vendors book up well in advance. Have a specific date in mind? Be sure to reach out to your favorite venue and nail that date down as soon as possible. Keep in mind what the weather is like where you want to get married throughout the year. Those living along the Gulf Coast and especially the Alabama area know that our area can offer us some miserably, hot Summers and some even more miserably, damp and cold Winters. Peak wedding season in this area is typically Spring (early March to early June) and Fall (late September to late November). Taking into consideration the football schedule is an excellent idea for those planning to get married in the Fall.

After you have your budget and your date set you will be able to sit back RELAX and think about what vendors are super important to you. Then start down the list until you are ready to walk down the aisle.

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